Monday, March 6, 2017

A Loving Tribute to Robert Osborne

I write this tribute to Mr. Osborne through misty eyes and a heavy heart. Robert Osborne and TCM are members of the Lorenzo family. We have a TV in our master bedroom that is on almost 24/7 and it rarely changes from TCM. We are cinephiles, obsessed with the films of a bygone era, when story and romance and adventure and characters mattered. Robert Osborne taught me more about films and the spirit of films than anything or anyone else could have.

Robert Osborne. What made him special? Why was he a part of our family as well as thousands of others? His passion for films, their stories, their characters and most importantly, the people behind them. The people. This was the key for Robert. He genuinely cared about the people behind the films. One of his responsibilities as the brain trust/face of TCM was profiling the actors, writers and directors of the films he so loved. His thoughtful consideration for the people behind these films, no matter how unknown or obscure, always added a genuine and very human element. No one ever made the forgotten character actors of long ago so delightfully rich and compelling as Robert did. His charisma and love of film leapt off the silver screen, and did so in the most charming manner.

This love of film was so powerful and pure it spanned all generations and planted the seed of Old Hollywood in the hearts of all viewers. The work that he did in collaboration with TCM is something so wonderful, giving the gift of film, his memory will forever be treasured and held on to. Robert words can hardly express the incredible journey that you so thoughtfully took us on. We love you. We miss you. We treasure the man you were. Rest in Peace.

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