Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wolfman

So I am still unclear exactly why people did not love this movie. I thought it was a great throwback to the old Universal monster movies, such as the original Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll etc. Coincidentally two days after we watched The Wolfman I saw the original with Lon Cheney Jr. on AMC and had a mini monster marathon in June! Frigging Brilliant!

All of those who know me know that I am a "Horror Whore", say that 10 times fast, and love all of the different types of movies that make up this genre. That being said I am an afficionado with sophisticated taste, so I am not easily wooed by graphic carnage and fiendish violence mixed in between plot holes and terrible dialogue, all of which comprises 80% of the genre. At times I thought the Wolfman story was busy and somewhat convaluded, but the film moved along fairly nicely. What I did love about this movie was the costuming and the set, and none of this matters without proper filming techniques, major props to the Cinematographer. The costumes were amazing, including the facial makeup and wolf FX. Benicio looked almost indistinguishable from Chaney, and I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The set was an immaculate re-creation of Eastern England, complete with a Transylvanian style village and a dirty, creepy as shite manor that was brought to remembrance The House on Haunted Hill, the original.

Anthony Hopkins was phenomenal, think Legends of the Fall meets horror. He plays the stately, old curmudgeon better than most, and you can sense a deep, dark sense of purpose. Sir Anthony is frigging money, his range is incredible, how can you not love him? He and Benicio play the perfect father-son combo, and they create an amazing tension that becomes more palpable as the movie progresses. Emily Tasty or Blunt whatever her name is does a great job as the main actress, creating an empathetic passion, that perfectly compliments Benicio's brooding loathing. Benicio plays the perfect fiend in every movie and he is on the money in this role. I have to meet him in real life just so that I can partake of his fiendery in a totally non-gay, non-curious manner.

The colors of this movie and the way that it looks is so great. I love the ominous presence that the imagery of this movie creates. This is definitely a must see, especially now that Bekah Boo owns it on Blu-ray. I hate to cut this post a little short but the fiance is demanding my attention you know wedding planning on all of that amazingly fun stuff(enter numb face).